Set up and Use of Flexmike

Set up and use of Flexmike

After the Topcat and Media Connector have been installed, you must normalize the microphone volume levels in the classroom, similar to the process performed with the Media Connector.

  1. Turn the Media Connector power on. The blue LED on the Topcat will glow. 

  2. Remove the Flexmike from the charger. The Flexmike will automatically power on and mute when it is removed from the charger. 

  3. Slip the Flexmike with lanyard around the neck by connecting the magnetic clasps behind your neck. Adjust the lanyard so that top of the microphone is at the collarbone. 

  4. Set the Flexmike volume to its midpoint. Push the up arrow button 7 times followed by pushing the down arrow button 3 times. The Flexmike is at its midpoint.

NoteThis equipment supplements the user’s voice so they are able to speak in a conversational tone. Having the volume set too high will result in feedback and listener fatigue.

  1. Once initial volume level is set, walk around the room and listen for audio dropout and overall audio quality.

  2. The teacher can now use the controls on the Flexmike to adjust the volume level from anywhere in the room. The microphone volume control has 3 steps up and 3 steps down from the mid point (7 levels total). 

  3. If a second Flexmike was purchased, there is no need to readjust the volume on the Topcat as the volume is now set for both michrophones.

  4. If a Sharemike was purchased, set the initial volume for the Sharemike as it does not have a volume control. Then adjust the Flexmike to the appropriate volume level by using the volume adjustments on the side of the Flexmike.