Charge Microphones

Charging the Microphones

Before use, the Flexmike should be charged. It will take 8-9 hours for the Flexmike to obtain a full charge.

A fully charged Flexmike will last for up to 8 hours of use. If microphones are used daily, they should be charged each night – microphones can be left charging constantly for up to 2 weeks without causing degradation to battery life. 

When plugged into a charger, a red light on the Flexmike indicates the battery pack is charging. A green light indicates that charging is complete and a full charge has been reached. See Troubleshooting section for more information. 

Replacement NiMH battery packs may only be purchased through Lightspeed Technologies (part # NH2.4V). Do not attempt to charge with other battery packs. They can overheat and expand creating a significant hazard and damaging the microphone (this is not covered by warranty).

  1. Plug wall charger into an electrical outlet. 

  2. Plug the USB charging cable(s) into the wall charger. 

  3. Plug the micro USB end of the charging cable into USB port on the bottom of the Flexmike. 

  4. When the Flexmike is fully charged, the light on the mic will change to green.

  5. Hang the Flexmike on the lanyard opposite the magnetic clasp.