Secure in Ceiling

Securing in Ceiling

To comply with Building Codes, the Topcat MUST be secured with 2 safety wires. 

  1. Locate the 20ft length of safety wire. The safety wire needs to be permanently attached to the solid building structure above. 

  2. Cut the 20ft safety wire in half, leaving two 10ft pieces. 

  3. Install anchors (or eye screws if necessary) into the building structure. 

  4. Loop one end of the safety wire through the anchor (or eye screw), then twist it around itself at least five times (Figure 1). Repeat for second anchor. 

  5. Lift the Topcat up and lay it into the desired grid location (Figure 4).

    CAUTION: Make sure the Topcat is stable on the grid rails with the side brackets hooked over the rails. If not stable, there could be a danger of it falling until safety wires are attached.

  6. Loop the other end of the safety wire through one of the tabs on the Topcat (located in opposite corners). Pull the wire through until it is taut and twist it around itself at least five times to secure the Topcat. Cut off any excess wire if needed. 

  7. Repeat with securing the second safety wire to the other tab. (see figure 5). 

  8. When hard wiring AC power to Topcat, electrical codes require for the Topcat to be permanently affixed to the ceiling rail. Utilizing existing holes on the vertical section of the ceiling rail (center of the hole to the base of the rail must be a minimum of 15mm) drill two screws on each 2’ side of the Topcat. Drilling these screws into the designated areas of the Topcat chassis will not cause harm to the product. (see figure 3, page 14).

NOTE: Do not drill in the area designated with yellow tape. 


Figure 1: Attaching the safety wire to the building structure.


Figure 2: Set into ceiling.


Figure 3: Loop the Safety Wire through Tab that is anchored to the ceiling eye screw or anchor.


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