Prepare Ceiling Grid (International)

Prepare Ceiling Grid (International)

600mm x 600mm Ceiling Grid

The Topcat Access has spacer brackets mounted on each of the four sides. With these brackets installed and the ceiling tile is cut in half, the Topcat Access will fit into a standard 600 x 600mm suspended ceiling grid with and additional tile support. With the brackets removed, it will fit a 300mm x 600mm ceiling grid with an additional tile support. (see Figure 4 and Figure 5) 

  1. Remove the spacer brackets from each of the four sides of the Topcat (see image below). With the brackets removed the Topcat will fit into a 600mm x 600mm ceiling grid. 

  2. The ceiling tile will need to be cut to accommodate the Topcat. 

  3. Set the ceiling tile on a flat work surface with the patterned side facing down. 

  4. Using a straight edge, cut a 300 x 600mm section from the ceiling tile, leaving a 300 x 600mm section and a 600 x 900mm section (see figure 2), or two 300 x 600mm sections (see figure 4). 

  5. Locate the 600mm ceiling grid t-bar provided. Locate the attachment slots in the existing ceiling grid and snap the new t-bar into place to create two openings to create a 300 x 600mm and a 600 x 900mm opening (see figure 3) or two 300 x 600mm openings (see figure 5).