Prepare Ceiling Grid

Prepare Ceiling Grid

2' x 2' and 2' x 4' Ceiling Grid

The dimensions of the Topcat are 1’ x 2’ and it is designed to fit into any standard 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ suspended ceiling tile grid. If your ceiling grid is any other dimension that mentioned above, please contact Lightspeed prior to proceeding.

  1. The ceiling tile will need to be cut to accommodate the Topcat. 

  2. Set the ceiling tile on a flat work surface with the patterned side facing down. 

  3. Using a straight edge, cut a 1’ x 2’ section from the ceiling tile, leaving a 1’ x 2’ section and a 2’ x 3’ section (see figure 2), or two 1’ x 2’ sections (see figure 4). 

  4. Locate the 2’ ceiling grid t-bar provided. Locate the attachment slots in the existing ceiling grid and snap the new t-bar into place to create two openings to create a 1’ x 2’ and a 2’ x 3’ opening (see figure 3) or two 1’ x 2’ openings (see figure 5). 


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