Install Sensor Clip

Install PageFirst Sensor

If possible, the paging sensor should be hung around the 8-ohm lead wire that's connected directly to the speaker. If this is a sealed ceiling speaker, where only the 70-volt wire is accessible, connect to the exposed 70-volt wires.

  1. Locate the paging speaker in the classroom. NOTE:  PageFirst does not work with telephone intercom systems.

  2. Locate the PageFirst sensor clip. This clip is designed to hang around the wire connected to the paging spaker. Through induction, it dectects the audio signal as it comes through the wire.

  3. Gain access to the back of the speaker either up in the ceiling or on the wall. NOTE: there is no need to disconnect any wires.

  4. Unclip and open the top loop of the PageFirst sensor. Hang it around one of the lead wires connecting to the paging speaker and clip it back together (Figure 1).