Calibrate PageFirst Sensor

Calibrate PageFirst Sensor

A page will need to be broadcast through the system to verify PageFirst is properly sensing the audio signal.

  1. Turn on the system and being speaking.

  2. Broadcast a page through the central paging system.

  3. The Topcat system should mute as the page is broadcast. When the broadcast is over, the Topcat system should amplify the mic as normal.

  4. While walking around the room, continue talking into the microphone. Verify that the system is not muting during times there is no page being broadcast.

  5. The sensitivity adjustment (labeled "ADJ") is pre-set to the 9 o'clock position. This should be the appropriate setting for the majority of installations.

  6. If the system does not mute while the page is being broadcast, turn the sensitivity adjustment up by turning the ADJ knob clockwise and test again.

  7. If the system mutes during times when the page is not being broadcast, turn the sensitiivity down by turning the ADJ knob counterclockwise and test again.

  8. If the system experiences dropout, turn the sensitivity down by turnng the ADJ knob counterclockwise and test again.