Select Location

Media Connector Location

Choose a location for the Media Connector that is convenient to the classroom audio sources and power supply. 

The Media Connector can be placed on a counter or wall mounted. Determine the best location for your room. Use the guidelines below when selecting the site. 

NOTE: The Media Connector does not require a direct line of sight to the Topcat. However it functions best when no obstructions are between the two devices. Do not place in an enclosed metal cabinet. 


A. Counter or Desktop

 - 3-6 feet off of the floor to allow for good transmission. 

 - Power for the Media Connector must be within 6 ft of this location.

 - Not enclosed in a metal cabinet or otherwise obstructed.

B. Wall Mounting

 - Find a location on the wall that is near the computer or other AV equipment that will be connected to the Media Connector.

 - Power for the Media Connector must be within 6 ft of this location.

 - For sheetrock walls, use screw-in sheetrock anchors and screws (not supplied) to secure the Media Connector to the wall. It is best to drill a 1/4" pilot hole at the two mounting locations before inserting the anchors. For concrete or cinder block wall the appropriate mounting hardware should be procured by the installer.

 - Once the anchors are installed, place the media connector over the mounting anchors and insert the screws through the mounting holes and into the anchor.