DC Power Extension

DC Power Extension

The following is the procedure for extending the Topcat's internal power supply brick to a below-ceiling power outlet.

This procedure requires the optional DCPEX-NA kit. The kit includes:

 - 50' DC extension cable

 - AC power cord

 - Adhesive Cable Anchors and Wire Ties

When electrical AC power is not available above the ceiling for installation with the Topcat, there is an alternative method for supplying power to the Topcat. 

NOTE: there are two DC power connectors for connecting power to the Topcat. Both connectors perform the same function. Use the internal DC power connector located on the amplifier module when AC power is connected directly to the Topcat. Use the connector access located on the outside of the Topcat when using the optional DC extension cable.

  1.  Remove the factory installed 24V 2.5 amp power supply by unstrapping the velcro holding it in place. Disconnect the AC power plug and the DC output cable. Then restrap the velcro strips and enclose the AC plug with the velcro to keep it in place. This AC plug should not touch the flat panel speaker when the door is closed.

NOTE: The 24V power supply brick must be placed in the room below the suspended ceiling. Faceplates and electrical boxes should be provided by the installer as required.

  1. Find the 50’ DC extension cable and plug the female connector into the side port on the Topcat. Use the wire anchor supplied with the cable to secure the cable to the side of the Topcat chassis. 

  2. Route the DC extension cable across the ceiling and to the closest standard AC power outlet. Cable routing should follow all local electrical codes and installation procedures. (If the DC extension cable is to be run inside the wall, install a mud ring or electrical box in the wall close to the AC power outlet. If the DC extension cable is run on the surface of the wall using wire molding, then mount a surface mount electrical box to house the connection of the DC extension cable and the power supply.) 

  3. Plug the DC extension cable end of the 24V supply into the power extender cable. 

  4. Plug the AC power cord into the power supply and into the standard AC power outlet. 


NOTE: The 50' DC extension cable is plenum rated, suitable for air handling spaces.