AC Power

Wiring  AC power to the Topcat

  1. Turn off power to the circuit that will be used to power the Topcat. Extend power to Topcat as required by local building code.

  2. Insert the mains electrical wire through the power conduit knockout located on the Topcat back can.

  3. Find and open the front panel door on the Topcat.

  4. Remove the lid to the internal electrical box

  5. Attach the ground wire to the grounding lug provided. Attach the remaining two wires to the terminal block screws adjacent to the internal power wires.

  6. Replace the cover on the internal electrical box and turn back on the electrical circuit.

  7. Once power is applied to Topcat the unit will power on, as the native state of the unit is "on". The Topcat is designed to be toggled on and off only from the Media Connector or from Flexmike. (Note: the Media Connector automatically powers on when first plugged into power.)

Note: When hard wiring AC power to Topcat, electrical codes require for the Topcat to be permanently affixed to the ceiling rail. Utilizing existing holes in the ceiling rail, drill one screw per side into opposite sides of the Topcat. Drilling these screws into the Topcat chassis will not cause harm to the product. Do not drill in the area designated with yellow tape.