Wall Mount Setup Installation

If choosing the Wall mount option for the Redcat system, follow the below steps to securley fasten Redcat to the wall.

Use the included wall template to position and mount the Redcat .



Mounting Steps:

  1. Position template at selected located and tape to wall.

  2. Mark position and drill pilot holes for anchors.

  3. Insert Anchors (Lightspeed provides anchors for drywall applications only)

  4. Remove feet from Redcat and place over anchors.

  5. Insert screws through the Redcat feet and tighten into the anchors.

  6. Slide the Redcat (top down) onto the wall mounted feet. If the security bracket is installed, it should snap into place preventing system removal.

Note: If using optional security bracket, mount on wall using same method as described above for mounting feet