Redmike Controls

  1. POWER BUTTON: Press this button to turn the Redmike on, press again to turn it off (mute). 

  2. POWER/LOW BATTERY INDICATOR: A blue light indicates the Redmike is on and fully charged. A red light indicates a charge is needed. 

  3. BATTERY COMPARTMENT: To access the battery compartment, slide the door downward. The battery should only be replaced by a Lightspeed AA rechargeable sensing battery (part # NH2A27). 

  4. YELLOW PROTECTIVE TAB: Slide the battery compartment door open to remove this disposable protective tab before use. NOTE: do not attempt to remove the tab without first opening the compartment door, as it may tear, leaving fragments. 

  5. AUDIO/MICROPHONE INPUT: Use this input to plug in a laptop, MP3 player or other audio source to wirelessly transmit audio to be played through the system. Alternatively, an external microphone can be connected. 

  6. CHANNEL SELECT SWITCH (CH A/B): This switch allows for selection between Channel A or B. If you are using a single microphone, we recommend using Channel A. 

  7. CHARGER CONTACTS (+ -): These contacts interface with the charging tabs in the RMCC cradle charger for daily charging. Simply place the Redmike in the charger.