Infrared Media Connector Setup

  1. Turn off the second microphone. The iR Media Connector uses the same channel (channel B) as the optional second microphone (Redmike or Redmike Share). As a result, they cannot be used simultaneously. If you have a second microphone, turn it off before transmitting audio from the iRMC. NOTE: If you adjust the CH B volume on the classroom audio system, you will also be changing the volume for your second microphone. Return the CH B volume knob to the original position before turning the second microphone back on. 

  2. The iR Media Connector volume is preset for most standard audio signals. If you need to turn the volume up or down, follow this procedure:


A. Adjust the volume at the computer, television, or other audio source if possible. 



B. If the audio source does not have a volume control (such as many DVD players) adjust the volume at the iRMC. 



C. If the first two options do not give optimum volume level, the last place to adjust the volume is the CH. B volume on the Redcat.