Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Lightspeed apart from its competitors?

Lightspeed’s instructional audio and video solutions reveal hidden insights to learning that are otherwise missed by students and teachers. Our Access product line engages the whole classroom, ensuring every student can clearly hear through low-volume, highly intelligible sound that is evenly distributed throughout the classroom.

The Activate platform is designed for small-group instruction allowing teachers to listen and assess where to best invest their time, gaining insights and observations without interfering. The Activate mobile app helps educators collaborate and share ideas by capturing high-quality video and audio recordings of authentic classroom interactions. Teachers store and share these videos as evidence of learning, for self-reflection, for coaching, or to model a lesson for their teammates.

Where would I get some more information on classroom audio studies?

Many studies can be downloaded from our website. We have a large library of studies that have been done and we would be happy to send you as many copies as you need. Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Who can benefit from the use of a classroom audio system?

Teachers and students alike report that classroom audio supports their learning environment. Students listen and follow directions better and are more willing to participate in class discussions. Teachers find that using classroom audio reduces voice strain and allows all students to hear clearly from anywhere in the room.

  • Effects of high ambient noise levels are overcome
  • 30% of children will hear their teacher significantly better
  • Teacher absenteeism is reduced
  • English Language Learners experience improved word recognition
  • Academic test scores improve
  • Children with learning disabilities benefit
  • Attention and on-task times improve
  • Classroom stress is lowered
  • Behavior problems are reduced
  • Fewer special education referrals
  • Class interaction and participation increases
  • Improvement in literacy achievement