Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lightspeed help out with presentations?

Your local Territory Manager can help you with this. Also, we would be happy to put together some information packets that can be handed out at the presentation.

Does Lightspeed attend trade shows?

Yes, we attend over 100 local, regional and national trade shows. Please call for information on a particular show or conference that you will be attending

How can the Lightspeed Territory Manager help?

The Territory Manager is available for presentations, recommending appropriate system and configuration, in-service training.

How do I get an Evaluation System?

Every evaluation request goes through your local Territory Manager. We will be happy to go over with you the type of system you would like to evaluate and forward that information to the Territory Manager, who will then contact you to finalize your evaluation request. There is no cost obligation on your part. If you decide not to purchase the evaluation equipment, Lightspeed will even provide prepaid shipping labels to have the product returned to us.

How long has Lightspeed been in business?

Established in 1990, Lightspeed is dedicated to making a remarkable difference for teachers and students by creating Access to powerful in-the-moment insights into the learning process.

I have a loud teaching voice, why would I need classroom audio?

A teacher’s voice can generally be heard just fine at almost any point in the classroom. The problem lies in providing adequate intelligibility. Audibility is essentially static, meaning that once you set the volume, it won’t vary significantly as you move about the room. It is measurable and predictable. However, intelligibility is dynamic. Teachers move around the room, and may turn to face the interactive whiteboard, for example, reducing visual cues. Student-generated noise levels change dramatically in an active classroom. Other factors impacting speech intelligibility include projector noise, HVAC noise, and traffic noise. These and more are pervasive in modern classrooms.

What are some benefits to the Evaluation Program?

Lightspeed Technologies offers a no obligation evaluation program that provides the opportunity to try a classroom audio system at no charge. At the end of the evaluation, the equipment can be purchased or returned with prepaid shipping labels.

What is a soundfield?

It is the field, or area, that is covered by amplified sound. This term is often used in describing how classroom audio works in the classroom.

What is classroom audio?

A Classroom Audio system uses a lightweight wireless microphone, allowing teachers to move freely around the classroom. Their voices are evenly distributed throughout the room with a wide dispersion speaker system, ensuring all students can clearly hear and understand.

What is the Lightspeed difference?

At Lightspeed, we create access to the teacher’s voice for all students in the classroom that isn’t there for them without our solutions. We also provide access to authentic student conversations and the learning process that isn’t available to the teacher in any other way. At our very core, we aspire to improve the lives of those we touch with our research, products, service and partnerships.