Redmike Share Infrared Handheld Microphone


Redmike Share Infrared student handheld pass-around microphone.

MSRP $282.00

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Student Pass-around Microphone

The Redmike Share is designed for student pass-around use so that all students can clearly be heard in the classroom.


$282.00 MSRP

Redmike Share Infrared student handheld pass-around microphone.

Redmike Share Infrared Handheld Microphone

Description Standard sub-carrier frequencies: 2.06/2.54 MHz / Alternate sub-carrier frequencies: 3.20/3.70 MHz
Audio Distortion <1%
Integrated Microphone Uni-directional Dynamic
Audio Input 3.5mm
Battery Power Two (1) AA NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Charging 3.5mm DC jack
Device Registration Includes alkaline charge protection
Dimensions 8.25" x 1.3" x 1.3" (21x 3.3 x 3.3 cm)
Weight 7.36 oz (208.65g)

Redmike Cradle Charger

$63.00 MSRP

Redmike cradle charger with 5V power supply.

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2 AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack

$15.00 MSRP

2 AA NIMH Rechargeable Battery Pack used with the Redmike Share handheld classroom microphone.

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3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

SKU: MSC3535
$13.00 MSRP

3.5mm stereo audio cable.

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Redmike Share Charging Cable

$13.00 MSRP

Charging cable used with the Redmike Share and LT-71 classroom microphones.

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