Activate System

A full instructional audio and video platform that includes whole-room and small group audio pods, mobile app for control and video capture, video management system for sharing.

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Reveal the hidden insights in group learning

In today's active classrooms, with students collaborating in small groups, teachers must be able to listen to maintain a "pulse point" on all groups. With real-time feedback into the learning process, teachers will gain the insights needed to activate learning for every student.

With Activate Pods and the mobile app, teachers are able to monitor each group, gain critical insights into the learning process and reinforce and redirect when needed.


Instructional audio and video that activates learning


Topcat Access Teacher


A teacher microphone paired with whole-class audio ensures all students clearly hear and understand.

Topcat Access Integrate


2-way Pods and mobile app allow teachers to listen, gain insights and interact with each small group.

Topcat Access Scalability


Capture and share video and audio for evidence of learning and teacher coaching.

Build an Activate System to fit your classrooms

Every Activate System has 3 basic components. Begin with the whole class audio system to fit your needs, then add Activate Station and Pods for your small groups.


Activate System enables collaboration and reveals insights

Topcat Access Teacher


2-way communication
Place a pod with each small group keeping the teacher within earshot - but without disrupting - every learning moment.
The wireless, battery-powered pods include a speaker and microphones to enable 2-way communication. Up to 12 pods can be connected to a single system.

Topcat Access Integrate


Control and capture
The Activate app allows the teacher to connect to each pod and the whole class to instruct, monitor and enable student sharing.
It also records video synced with high-quality audio from the teacher microphones and pods. Teachers can capture critical teaching and learning moments.

Topcat Access Scalability


Charge and connect
In addition to charging Pods and Flexmikes, Activate Station is also the connection to teacher's mobile devices via Bluetooth for Pod control and audio streaming.
Audio jacks make it easy to connect computers and other audio sources, acting as the audio hub for all your multimedia devices.

Activate the fundamentals of small group learning

Clasroom Ambient Noise

Direct Instruction

Address the whole class or any small group to instruct, reinforce or redirect.

Distance in the classroom


Listen to group conversations without changing the group dynamic.

Teacher voice strain

Small Group Sharing

Empower students to share with the class, using the pod as a microphone.

Classroom hearing loss

Capturing Video

Capture and share audio and video of critical teaching and learning moments.

Activate the power of video capture in your mobile device

Video capture is powerful and accessible

Video is becoming an important tool in the classroom. Video and photo capabilities in our everyday devices are rapidly increasing teacher's use of video capture for:

- Self-reflection on their own instruction

- Evidence of student engagement and understanding

- Classroom observation and coaching

- Exchanging teaching ideas with peers

Video Capture

Video Capture

Activate lets teachers sync up the audio from anywhere in the class

The Activate App overcomes a device's inability to capture quality audio beyond a few inches of the built-in microphone. High-quality audio synced with video from the teacher microphones and pods allows you to:

- Self-record whole class instruction for high quality lesson capture

- Select a pod to capture student learning moments

- Record teacher and student interaction

- Record audio only to capture inconspicuous evidence of learning


Easily share and collaborate

Reviewing, sharing and storing your recordings is easy from the Activate App's Library. All captured videos, audio and photos are stored and available for playback, sharing via email or messaging, or upload to cloud storage like Google Drive or a video management system.

- Share with your coach for feedback, improvement and evaluation

- Send great student learning moments to their parents

- Model how to conduct a lesson for one of your teammates


Video Capture

Start with a Whole Class Audio System

Whole class audio systems provide even distribution of sound so all students hear, and understand instruction. They are the foundation for the Activate System, which includes microphone(s), Pods and Activate Station.


Redcat Access

Redcat Access

Table-top solution, no installation

Topcat Access

Topcat Access

Ceiling mounted, all-in-one system

955 Access

955 Access

Installed system, amplifier + speakers
$731.00 MSRP

Activate Station with Bluetooth.

Activate Station

Short Description Device charging station with wireless audio and Blue tooth connectivity.
Total Harmonic Distortion <1%
Acoustic Frequency Response 80 Hx to 7 kHz +/- 3 dB
Wireless Communication Access Technology (1.9 GHz + RF4CE), Bluetooth audio (2 channels), Bluetooth LE (2 channels)
Mobile App Functionality

Bluetooth interface with companion mobile application with the following functionality:

1. Control and connect to small group 2-way audio Pods
2. Adjust system audio levels and tone control
3. Mobile device audio streaming from audio books, podcasts, music, etc.
4. Audio/video recording synched with microphone and Pod audio
5. Enable advanced system features

Wireless Range Up to 200 ft. (60m) from base system, up to 100 ft. (30m) from mobile device
Tone Control Yes
Device Registration (2) push buttons for Bluetooth device pairing, (1) push button for Access device registration
Audio Input with Volume Control (4) 3.5mm stereo jacks with volume control
ALD Output with Volume Control (2) 3.5mm jacks with volume control
Cradle Charging (2) Flexmikes, (8) Pods
USB Charging Ports (2) 5V/0.3A charging for Pods, Sharemikes or remotes; (2) 5V/1.0A charging for mobile devices or Pods
Controls Master microphone, audio input, audio output with 10-segment level indicator
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) (W x D x H): 13.3' x 5.9" x 1.9" (340 x 150 x 52mm)
Weight 1.85 lbs (0.8kg)
Mounting Table-top
$250.00 MSRP

Student group speaker with a rechargeable battery. The Pods must accompany an Activate Station and a whole-room instructional audio system built on our Access Platform.


Short Description 2-way audio Pod with integrated speaker and microphones
Power Output wattperPod
Wireless Range Up to 200 ft. (60m) from Access base system, up to 100 ft. (30m) with walls
Tone Control No
Device Registration Push button and LED for registration with Access base system
Charging 2 contacts for cradle charging + 5V/0.3A micro-USB
Integrated Speaker highoutputspeaker
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.1" x 5.2" x 1.1" (54 x 132 x 28mm)
Weight 6.4 oz. (181g)
Integrated microphones (2) omni-directional electret with noise rejection
Headphone output 3.5mm
SKU: 24V-1.75-NA
$37.00 MSRP

This UL listed power supply is used with Redcat Access, Activate Station and compatible with older 1st and 2nd generations of IR Redcat.

24V 1.75A Power Supply

Capacity Supply Voltage: 120V / Connector Type: NEMA 5-15 / Output Connector Type: 3.5mm Barrel
Power 24VDC
Size Total Cord Length: 6"
$13.00 MSRP

USB Type A-MICRO B Cable for charging Flexmike classroom microphone or Activate Speaker Pod.

USB Charging Cable

Short Description USB Charging Cable
Connector Types usb,microusb
Color black
Length 6' (182.88 cm)

Handheld Remote Control

$176.00 MSRP

Handheld remote control for teacher with rechargeable battery pack.

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24V 1.75A Power Supply

SKU: 24V-1.75-NA
$37.00 MSRP

This UL listed power supply is used with Redcat Access, Activate Station and compatible with older 1st and 2nd generations of IR Redcat.

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3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

SKU: MSC3535
$13.00 MSRP

3.5mm stereo audio cable.

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Activate Station Pod Charging Slot Cover

$4.00 MSRP

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Activate Your Classroom With Lightspeed (2:06)
Activate Your Classroom With Lightspeed (2:06)
Benefits of Classroom Audio (4:37)
Benefits of Classroom Audio (4:37)
Flexmike Battery Replacement Tutorial (1:18)
Flexmike Battery Replacement Tutorial (1:18)
Activate System Training Video (14:02)
Activate System Training Video (14:02)

Support Documents


Activate Troubleshooting Guide


Activate Data Sheet


Activate Quick Start Guide


Activate User Manual


Mobile Device Pairing Guide

Support Videos

Flexmike Battery Replacement Tutorial (1:18)
Flexmike Battery Replacement Tutorial (1:18)
Activate System Training Video (14:02)
Activate System Training Video (14:02)

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