Redcat Media 2010 Award of Excellence

Redcat Media Received 2010 Award of Excellence

Lightspeed’s Redcat Media was awarded the 2010 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence, an honor that recognizes product innovation that meets the changing needs of the education technology environment.

Redcat Media is an extension of Lightspeed’s Redcat - the leading, no-install classroom audio solution.

Over 140 product entries were test-driven by a panel of 30 educators from the New York City Department of Education, the University of Michigan, and T&L advisors. Evaluation criteria include rigorous quality and effectiveness testing, along with assessment for suitability of use in an educational environment. "Now that the use of technology in schools is no longer a novelty but a reality, it's no longer about the promise of what a product can do; it's about the proof," says Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director for NewBay Media's Tech & Learning Group.

In addition to maintaining high speech intelligibility and even distribution of sound, Redcat Media offers a full-range, stereo-quality experience from videos, movies, and music in the classroom. "It's a privilege to be the only classroom audio product recognized by T&L. This indicates that we are staying focused in our mission to help teachers be at their best while enhancing auditory learning for children in the classroom," says Shaun Fagan, Product Manager at Lightspeed Technologies.

About Lightspeed Technologies

Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies is the trusted provider in classroom audio solutions. Our passion is to improve the listening and learning environment for every child. We believe strengthening the connection between teachers and students is at the heart of learning. Lightspeed classroom audio systems allow teachers to speak in normal conversational tones while being assured every child has an equal opportunity to hear all of the instruction. From the traditional installed systems with ceiling speakers to the new Redcat all-in-one, no install system, Lightspeed is proud to offer the very finest in classroom audio technology. For more information about Lightspeed classroom audio products, visit Lightspeed’s website.