Flexcat Audio System wins Tech & Learning's Best of Show at ISTE 2016

Flexcat Audio System Wins Tech & Learning’s Best of Show at ISTE 2016

A panel of educators honors Lightspeed Technologies’ classroom audio system designed for small-group learning and professional development


(TUALATIN, Oregon) – July XX, 2016Tech & Learning has named Flexcat, a classroom audio system by Lightspeed Technologies designed specifically for small-group learning, as Best of Show by at ISTE 2016. Flexcat consists of a wearable microphone for the teacher, a speaker for whole-group instruction, and a set of two-way audio pods that allow teachers to listen and speak to small groups from anywhere in the classroom so they can reinforce, respond to, and challenge students in their moment of need.

For the third consecutive year, Tech & Learning presented its prestigious awards program honoring great products at ISTE 2016, the largest and most attended educational technology conference in the United States. The products were selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor to uncover best-of-breed education solutions during the conference in Denver.

The judges rated their impressions on a sliding scale, evaluating areas such as quality and effectiveness, ease of use, and creative use of technology. They then met in person to discuss their ratings and decide which technologies would have the most impact in the classroom and thus deserved to be named Best of Show.

“We’re thrilled and honored that Flexcat received the Best of Show award at ISTE 2016,” said David Solomon, the executive vice president and general manager of Lightspeed Technologies. “Being chosen by educators validates Flexcat as the ideal solution for facilitating small-group work both in the classroom and in professional development settings.”

Flexcat now also supports Whisper Coaching, a variation on informative assessment. Through a small earpiece worn by teachers and their mentors, mentors can listen in to ongoing conversations between teachers and student groups. Whisper Coaching also allows teachers and mentors to have private conversations between their earpieces for real-time coaching and highlighting teachable moments.

An overview of the Best of Show winners will be included in the August 2016 issue of Tech & Learning.


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Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies is the trusted provider of classroom audio solutions. Our passion is to improve the listening and learning environment for every child. We believe strengthening the connection between teachers and students is at the heart of learning.

Lightspeed classroom audio systems allow teachers to speak in normal conversational tones while being assured that every child has an equal opportunity to hear all of the instruction. The no-installation, easy-to-use Redcat provides clear, low-volume, highly intelligible sound that is evenly distributed throughout the classroom, so every child hears every word. The company’s audio system for small group instruction, Flexcat, gives teachers the ability to gain insights into small group interactions and learning. The Topcat has become the premier solution for new construction and renovations due to its ease of installation, wireless connectivity, and remarkable audio quality. For more information about Lightspeed classroom audio products, visit Lightspeed-tek.com.

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