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How a Principal Inspired an Innovative Classroom Audio System

by Dolores Girbouski, Ed.D.

During my career as a school leader, I often had companies try to convince me to buy their products. For the most part, when I would say yes or no to what they offered, that would be the end of it. Once, though, my colleagues and I went beyond being purchasers and became partners in the product-development process.

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My Redcat Experience - Amy Nelson

A Redcat Experience from: Amy Nelson - Governor’s Ranch Elementary (CO) - 5th-grade teacher

How I Use Redcat: I remember using my Redcat for the first time on the first day of school. The students were a little surprised to hear my voice coming from the back of the room even though I was standing in front of them. They instantly adjusted, and now I can’t imagine my classroom without an audio system.

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Why Becoming a Partner of Tech Providers Helps Schools

K12 Tech Decisions' - January 5, 2017

by Dolores Gribouski, Ed. D. 

Principal shares how collaborating with a classroom audio company helped her serve her students better.

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15 Hot EdTech Trends for 2017

eSchool News  - January 2, 2017

Educators and tech leaders look back on 2016; predict where edtech trends in teaching and learning will head this new year.

With every new year comes new ideas. To get a glimpse into what the next 12 months will hold for everything from professional development to digital learning, and from communication to virtual reality, 15 ed tech luminaries looked back on 2016 edtech trends to help predict what’s in store for 2017.

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EdTech leaders forecast 2017 Trends

SmartBried on EdTech - January 3, 2017

Fifteen education-technology leaders look back on trends in 2016 to make predictions for 2017. Kelly Bielefeld, the principal at Clearwater Intermediate and Middle School in Kansas, writes about the staying power of whole-class learning.

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Principals: The lessons we learned in 2016

eSchool News - January 4, 2017

4 principals reflect on how technology has helped them with everything from discipline referrals to teaching students about Uganda.

[Editor’s note: This story is Part 2 of our 3-part series on Lessons Learned in 2016. Check back tomorrow for Lessons Learned by Educators. Click here for yesterday’s article from Superintendents.]

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Audio Solutions for Large Spaces

Originally Posted in AEA Purchasing Newsletter January 10, 2017

For more than a quarter-century, Lightspeed Technologies has been helping students hear every word with classroom audio systems like Redcat and Topcat. But learning doesn’t only happen in the relatively small space of the classroom. How can teachers, principals, and administrators make themselves heard in larger spaces such as gyms, libraries, and cafeterias?

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How a Makerspace Brought Our School Together on a Budget

by Jennifer D. Goldman

Originally Posted on K12 TechDecision January 11, 2017

Transforming half of the library into a ‘fluid space’ helped an elementary school foster a culture of inclusivity and creativity.

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New Elementary School is a Model for Inclusion

Nelson Place School is designed to meet the needs of all students

by Dennis Pierce

When students and staff at Nelson Place School in Worcester, Mass. move into their brand-new, $58 million building next fall, they'll find a number of innovative features designed to accommodate children with a wide range of challenges and abilities.

Previously featured in School Construction News 

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3 Visions of Truly Inclusive Education

by Jennifer D. Goldman, Karyn Lewis, and Dr. Genevra Walters

Previously featured in GettingSmart 

In their mission to prepare every student for college or a career, today’s K-12 schools have to support not just high achievers, but students with emotional disturbances, language issues, and hearing challenges. Here are three educators whose creative solutions are making “readiness for all” a reality.

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