EdTech Digest Names Lightspeed’s Redcat Instructional Audio System A Finalist in Annual Awards Program

“Through an even distribution of sound and high speech intelligibility, Redcat helps educators create equitable, engaging and collaborative learning environments—setting each student up for success,” said David Solomon, CEO of Lightspeed.

TUALATIN, Ore. (PRWEB) April 26, 2022

Lightspeed, a leading provider of powerful instructional audio solutions, announces EdTech Digest named the company’s Redcat instructional audio system a finalist in the “Hardware for Education Solution” category in the annual EdTech Awards program.

An all-in-one instructional audio system with a flat-panel speaker design and wireless microphone, Lightspeed’s Redcat instructional audio system delivers clear sound and high speech intelligibility throughout a room. Redcat is portable and flexible, allowing educators to use Redcat in any instructional space. Combined with Lightspeed’s media connector, Redcat ensures clear audio for all multimedia—including support for remote and hybrid learning environments.

Decades of research, including the Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study conducted and certified by the US Department of Education, note that a variety of student groups benefit from instructional audio, including students with learning loss, students in the back of classrooms, students with learning differences, non-native English speakers and more.

“We’re honored EdTech Digest recognized Redcat and the difference instructional audio makes in classrooms nationwide,” David Solomon, CEO of Lightspeed. “Through an even distribution of sound and high speech intelligibility, Redcat helps educators create equitable, engaging and collaborative learning environments—setting each student up for success.”

The largest education technology recognition program in the world, Edtech Digest’s EdTech Awards recognizes companies and individuals for outstanding contributions to transforming education through technology in order to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. The annual awards program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters.

“As events unfold on the world stage that seem to inch ever closer to a precipice unknown, we are reminded that the leaders and innovators of education technology have always worked on the edge,” said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program.

“The future-focused work they do is inspired by the infinite potential of all people to learn and thrive. It’s pushed forward by the human spirit. It’s the light that even through the darkest times always shines through,” Rivero said.

To learn more about the Redcat instructional audio system or Lightspeed, please visit https://www.lightspeed-tek.com.

About Lightspeed
Lightspeed is on a mission to help every student hear every word. To that end, the company has brought powerful instructional audio solutions to K–12 institutions around the globe for more than 30 years. Each product inspires communication and collaboration by delivering crystal-clear, low-volume and highly intelligible sound. Lightspeed offers solutions for several learning environments, including whole- and small-group, distance and hybrid instruction. Passionate about its culture of service, Lightspeed remains dedicated to improving the lives of educators and students through its products, research and partnerships. To learn more, visit https://www.lightspeed-tek.com/.

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