Established in 1990, Lightspeed is dedicated to making a remarkable difference for teachers and students by creating Access to powerful in-the-moment insights into the learning process. We create access to the teacher's voice for all students in the classroom that isn't there for them without our solutions. We also provide access to authentic student conversations and the learning process that isn't available to the teacher in any other way. At our very core, we aspire to improve the lives of those we touch with our research, products, service and partnerships. 



We define ourselves as a learning company because we will continue to find new ways to create access to learning by studying the dynamics of the classroom. We thrive on solving critical classroom problems and since we work directly with educators, their mission is the catalyst for our designs.



Lightspeed's instructional audio and video solutions reveal hidden insights to learning that are otherwise missed by students and teachers. Our Access product line engages the whole classroom, ensuring every student can clearly hear through low-volume, highly intelligible sound that is evenly distributed through the classroom.

The Activate platform is designed for small-group instruction allowing teachers to listen and assess where to best invest their time, gaining insights and observations without interfering. The Activate mobile app helps educators collaborate and share ideas by capturing high quality video and audio recordings of authentic classroom interactions. Teachers store and share these videos as evidence of learning, for self-reflection, for coaching, or to model a lesson for teammates.


We understand that when a teacher needs help, they need it now. It's our job to anticipate needs and deliver on our promises. Since we work with educators, audiologists, architects, engineers, integrators and contractors, we see the big picture. We believe in our shared mission.

Local representation, advance replacement, and a five year warranty are just a few of the programs that are in place to ensure customer satisfaction long after the sale. Also, when you call Lightspeed Service, you won't get pushed off to a phone tree. You will speak with someone who knows our products and can help you immediately.


We are an ESOP company on the path to becoming employee-owned. We believe how you do something is as important as what you do. Our employees across the country are committed to living our core values every day.

Integrity: We are honest, aware of our actions, and strive to do the right thing.

Respect: We value colleagues and seek to understand their purposes, concerns, and circumstances.

Innovation: We discover breakthrough opportunities, solve complex problems, and improve processes.

Stewardship: We come together to serve each other, sustain our culture and grow our business.

Humility: We are servant leaders who encourage, support and challenge, but never demean or coerce.