Lightspeed Press Room

Enhancing Small Group Instruction Through Audio Technology

Flexcat enables clear communication and collaboration in the classroom.

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Lightspeed Earns Finalist Honors in 2014 EdTech Digest Awards

Flexcat and Redcat earn 2014 EdTech Digest Finalist status in two Cool Tool Award categories.

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Topcat and TCQ Announced

Lightspeed introduces Topcat the industry’s first complete in-ceiling classroom audio system combining superior audio quality and multimedia sound.

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Redcat Media Receives 2010 Product Award of Excellence

Lightspeed’s Redcat Media was awarded the 2010 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence, an honor that recognizes product innovation in the classroom.

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New Cat 800 Series

Cat 800 Series represents the latest evolution of Lightspeed’s installed classroom audio systems that includes an amplifier, infrared sensor/receiver, speakers, and the ultra light Redmike classroom microphone.

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New Redcat Media Classroom Audio System

This innovative design uses hybrid speaker technology and sophisticated cross-over circuitry to deliver its high quality audio. Redcat Media utilizes flat-panel Exciter speaker technology and adds a built-in woofer-style cone speaker.

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Terrific Sound Delivered to FETC Conference

Lightspeed facilitated this focus by delivering crystal clear sound to nearly 8,000 attendees in over 200 breakout sessions.

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Redcat Wins 2009 Award of Excellence

Tech & Learning magazine selected the Redcat® all-in-one classroom audio system as one of the best education offerings of the past year.

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Trailblazing Companies in EdTech: Lightspeed Technologies

by Matthew Lynch - August 7, 2017

Previously featured on The Tech Edvocate

The companies that we chose are all active in the area of edtech, doing something influential in edtech, well-known throughout the edtech landscape, and making an impact globally.


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School Leaders Reveal the Common Sense Keys to ELL Success

Previously Featured in eSchoolNews - September 18, 2017

Two educational leaders share their districts’ strategies for supporting ELLs; specifically by meeting ELLs where they are.

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