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Should Formative Assessment be Spared from Testing Resistance?

November 1, 2016, Education Dive

Dive Insight:

Summative assessments provide more data for administrators and policymakers, while formative assessments are for teachers. These often informal check-ins help teachers understand whether students have actually understood their lessons. They help educators figure out what to review or teach a new way to achieve more widespread understanding among students. And it also helps them plan for personalized learning. If certain groups of students don’t get something but others do, teachers can group students for a targeted intervention.

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Teachers Share Formative Assessment Strategies that Work

October 31, 2016 eSchoolNews

eSchoolnews Ed. note: Today’s students have too many tests to take—but today’s teachers still need insight into their classes’ knowledge and skills. Adding new tests every time students need to prove mastery rarely seems like the right answer. For some classrooms, the solution lies in formative assessments, which gauge their students’ understanding and personalize their lessons in real time. Here, two educators share how formative assessments are transforming their students’ learning across the board.

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THE Journal Readers' Choice Awards 2016

October 31, 2016, THE Journal 

Educators and staff who work in schools and districts are a busy group. When they're not keeping kids on track, communicating with parents or cultivating their own skills, somehow they're expected to stay on top of technology that can help them do all of those jobs better. With that in mind, THE Journal offers its second annual Readers' Choice Awards. We went out to our readership and requested their votes in numerous categories. People told us about their favorite products — from 3D printers to anti-virus to assessment and augmented reality headsets to student information systems to videoconferencing and wireless access points.

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Tuscaloosa City Schools Testing Prototype Classroom This Year

September 29, 2016

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - This year, classrooms at several schools in the Tuscaloosa City School System have been converted to prototype classroom as the system moves forward with some significant construction projects.

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Tampa Preparatory Adopts 70 Lightspeed Audio Systems in New Upper School

Lightspeed Technologies, the trusted provider of classroom audio solutions, and Tampa Preparatory School are proud to announce the installation of Redcat Access systems and Flexcat audio systems in the newly opened and redesigned Tampa Prep Upper School. Tampa Prep, an independent co-educational college prep school, now has a total of 68 Redcat Access systems and two Flexcat audio systems between the middle and upper schools.


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Tampa Preparatory Adopts 70 Lightspeed Audio Systems

by Richard Chang 

Tampa Preparatory School has installed 70 Lightspeed audio systems in its newly reopened and redesigned Tampa Prep Upper School in Tampa, FL. Tampa Prep, an independent, co-ed college prep school, now has a total of 68 Redcat Access systems and two Flexcat audio systems between its middle and upper schools.

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Your Back-to-School guide for all thinks edtech

SmartReport on ISTE 2016 is packed with highlights and insights from the year’s biggest K-12 edtech show. We discuss how to rewrite social codes to achieve equity and transform the status quo; learn how BYOD is moving past devices to create individualized workspaces; discover the myths and truths of edtech funding.

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Tools for School

August 23, 2016

Language Magazine reviews a bumper crop of resources to help make the new academic year a success.

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7 Ways to Maximize Student Engagement

Every teacher wants to kick off the new school year with a bang, but once you have your students’ attention, how do you keep it?

Here are a few ideas and best practices from teachers and administrators across the nation that can help maintain that “first day of school” level of engagement all year long.

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Listen to Your Students Shine with Flexcat

by Shannon Miller

Today's school libraries are an active, noisy, collaborative community with constant creativity and learning filling the spaces around us. We create these learning environments within our school libraries and classrooms to give our students a place to be heard while connecting to their passions, knowledge and, most importantly….to their voice.

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