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4 Reasons to Incorporate Video PD in Your Classroom

Previously featured in simpleK12 - September 8, 2017

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just wish you could have seen and heard the student’s conversations for yourself?” Video PD is changing the way teachers engage in peer-to-peer collaboration, and how schools conduct teacher assessments.

Here are four reasons why teachers are latching on to this new concept:

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How to Integrate New Technology

by Kristen Paino, Cindy Young, and Sonja Park - August 23, 2017

Originally featured on SmartBrief

The new school year is upon us, and with it comes new classroom technology and novel ideas for how to use it. In this article, three school leaders share their best practices for helping teachers start on the right foot when implementing new technology and pedagogy.

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Trailblazing Companies in EdTech: Lightspeed Technologies

by Matthew Lynch - August 7, 2017

Previously featured in The Tech Edvocate

The companies that we chose are all active in the area of edtech, doing something influential in edtech, well-known throughout the edtech landscape, and making an impact globally.

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ELL Specialist: These are "My Tech Essentials"

by Toshiko Maurizio - July 21, 2017

Previously featured in eSchool News

ELL specialist uses technology to engage students in every lesson, while providing resources to bridge the gap between their native language and English.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Lightspeed Technologies Can Help [ISTE 2017]

By Todd Lewis - June 4, 2017

Previously Featured on Nibletz 

ISTE 2017: Lightspeed Technologies Offers Solutions to Insure Teachers Don't Ask Can You Hear Me Now?

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How to Use a Classroom Audio System to Assess Collaboration

by Dr. Janice Kelly - May 18, 2017

Previously featured in Tech Decision 

A veteran teacher shares how she uses soundfield technology and audio systems to continuously take the pulse of her classroom.

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Elementary School Deploys Classroom Mics to Boost Confidence of Students

by Dian Schaffhauser - Feb. 14, 2017

Previously featured in THE Journal

A Southern CA school has added technology that enhances "audio clarity" in its classrooms.

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3 Visions of Truly Inclusive Education

by Jennifer D. Goldman, Karyn Lewis, and Dr. Genevra Walters

Previously featured in GettingSmart 

In their mission to prepare every student for college or a career, today’s K-12 schools have to support not just high achievers, but students with emotional disturbances, language issues, and hearing challenges. Here are three educators whose creative solutions are making “readiness for all” a reality.

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New Elementary School is a Model for Inclusion

Nelson Place School is designed to meet the needs of all students

by Dennis Pierce

When students and staff at Nelson Place School in Worcester, Mass. move into their brand-new, $58 million building next fall, they'll find a number of innovative features designed to accommodate children with a wide range of challenges and abilities.

Previously featured in School Construction News 

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How a Makerspace Brought Our School Together on a Budget

by Jennifer D. Goldman

Originally Posted on K12 TechDecision January 11, 2017

Transforming half of the library into a ‘fluid space’ helped an elementary school foster a culture of inclusivity and creativity.

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